Friday, March 17, 2023

Of Time and Eternity and Undulating Prayers

Seduction is always the seduction out of time,

fulfillment always in the moment.


This is how we are held by eternity and 

time.  We know the grip well.  Long to feel

it again when it is released.  Feel that freefall

into that abyss where we can grasp nothing

and nothing, no one reaches out. Until. 


We were made to be seduced and fulfilled.

And to pray whispered undulations, Again.

Enough is never enough.  


The midwife, whose hands first touch us, 

casts the spell of time and eternity into us.


The first word we speak, Yes.

-Byron Hoot

Friday, December 30, 2022


Commanded send your sons to slaughter there is room for your daughter
Victims to the cause the apocalyptic horseman of war gives applause
No turning back time just throw them untrained into the front line
No regretting this mindless insanity in this just male justified vanity
Weeping and the wailing ignored no room to admit military failing
The unforgiving bullets cost is cheaper than the life that is forever lost
Carrion birds soar only winners in man’s testosterone induced war
Maggots feed, cockroaches survive as man’s humanity takes a dive
Defence makes sense when a tyrant raises and commits such offense
This is the 21stCentury & still mad men write their chapter to history


reminiscing it makes me sad but also happy
I remember when I was young and now I'm old
I see my children they are not little children any more
how I wish we didn't age or at least we did not die.
I reminisce of TV shows and the actors that are now gone
I think about the lives we lived and it makes me cry
knowing that some of my friends are dead and not alive
it feels like only yesterday i kissed my first girl
but I know it's just a memory but how I remember it well
why do we grow old and why do we get sick and why do we die
I know the Creator created everything to be the way it has been
but still I ask myself why oh why.
Reminiscing makes me cry but it also makes me happy
but how I wish it could be different
O, how I wish we would not die.

by Carlos Gomez/Water 11-28-22


Memories are just a life of past events assimilated in my head
I finally figured out how to live and now my life is over
Are my heart beats just memories of a past that keeps me alive?
Or a torture chamber that petrify my soul.
Are my thoughts the imaginary symmetry of the cosmic universe?
You know I tried to see the reason in the madness
And the chaos in the reasoning of intelligence
A flack of black birds occupy my window
And ants are crawling on the table.
The emptiness of my mind is the forgotten memories
And the memory is me in a time that is only existing in my head.
Is it crazy to want to be mad and yet relate intellectually
Or is it unreasonable to be intelligent and want to be crazy.
There remains only one of me the other two have died
But what really happen is that I engulfed me and myself
They didn’t really die they are assimilated into I.
A ghost is supposed to be the spirit of a dead person
And a person is supposed to be the living soul of a ghost
A memory is a ghost of thoughts that reflect life
Reach deep very deep into the subconscious
Remember what you never experienced
It unfolds into the shadowy gray of the unexplained
There is nothing new under the sun there is memory
Of events that have not happen.

By Carlos Gomez/water 5-25-14


I've encountered many battles, I'm currently at war
Giving up is something that I simply don't stand for
I'm a warrior, a viking, it's in my DNA
I've been PTSD and Depression free for the past two hundred days
Just because my mind is free does not mean the hard work stops
I'll still lead my life with positivity, my high standards will not drop
I must be ready for anything, i must be prepared
When my illness posed a threat, war was what I declared
I'm battle hardened, i was built for this
My inner strength helped drag me straight from the abyss
During my moment of crisis, I never had much time
I had to start moving, my instincts told me to climb
I'm grateful for the struggle, it helped me to transform
The way I fought back and went on the attack was just like an art form
What didn't kill me made me stronger, my mindset had been changed
The thoughts inside my mind had been restructured and rearranged
I liked this new way of thinking, I felt so Incredibly strong
My illness told me I was a failure, I was determined to prove it wrong
Every day I was so positive, I took the power away from my depression
I had the perfect answer each time I was asked a question
My illness begs me to stop, each day I twist the knife
It is now my prisoner, it no longer has a life
I have built momentum, so much progress has been made
Hard work and dedication are the two things that I've displayed
My journey has been difficult, it's been quite the test
It's taught me to keep working hard and to always try my best
I've overcome adversity, I've conquered my fears
I'm now solely focused on helping each one of my peers

-Liam Kennedy


I miss you my
between madness
and the edge of a cliff.
You always wanted to know
what would happen
if you messed with magick
and you found out.
I hope you gave Death
a good show.
the rest of us
will never know.
C. Ward

The song of the unsung:Wordplay:H-DOT

So yesterday's were brilliant,
But it seems his life's resilient,
On the surface hides,
In the patterns rhymes and feelings,
As he pens in blood vermillion,
Trying to justify,
As the world turns while he's speaking,
In a language human beings,
Try to understand,
To the lonely hearts that's reading,
Who keep searching for the meaning,
Left to circumstance,
I'm a withered tree once mighty,
Over looking streams,
Skipping rocks in dreams,
I'm reflecting in this writing,
Still as waters deep,
So my thoughts should be,
When the emptiness inside me,
In an unsung song,
With no melody,
In the darkness tries to guide me,
That's the nature of,
This mentality,
In the patterns rhymes and feelings,
Clothing naked eyes,
It's a great disguise,
When you're wearing all these feelings,
That you've tried to hide,
Every pain resides,
In compartments deeply buried,
In your head at times,
Like forgotten crimes,
And the weight alone gets heavy,
Rest assured your pride,
Keeps it all inside,
Then the skeletons appearing,
Tend to socialize,
Ghosts of broken lives,
In the end a song for grieving,
Lay your roses down,
For the end is nigh,

-Kelly Ephraim Benjamin Jordan

Of Time and Eternity and Undulating Prayers

Seduction is always the seduction out of time, fulfillment always in the moment.   This is how we are held by eternity and  time.  We know t...