Thursday, August 11, 2022

And I’m Alright with That

I am seeing a lifetime in the time 

ahead of me. Which hones my sword

of Solomon to what others may consider

a murderous edge.  I have made

some cuts I regret and yet because

I’ve wielded that sword there are many

I’ve never had to make.  The trick 

is in the willingness to use it.

The practice it takes to hold 

lightly that which shapes 

Destiny and Fate  – 

a lifetime to gain the strength

and dexterity that must be 

sought and fought for before 

it is given.  Tomorrow means

one more, one less day

and I’m alright with that.

-Byron Hoot

Not Otherwise

The flight formation of birds 

is a wild symmetry with 

the beauty of space filled 

by what could not be otherwise

in that second of eternity

making us smile.  Some tinge

of hope arises seeing birds 

in flight.  Their songs, of course,

are another thing and how they

perch on branches as easily 

as we take a step.  What would

it be like to be above the ground

with such a solid grip,

the confidence of wings?  

-Byron Hoot

Friday, June 24, 2022

Turkey Hunting

I read, “I don’t hunt turkeys because I 

want to but because I have to.” 

I thought of what was later said,

the love of having to do what you 

can’t do otherwise.  And how all things

that surround that “have to” are lovable

too.  Regardless what they are; if they 

are attached, they demand the same 

care and consideration as the primary urge

that has chosen you.  Not a bad way 

to live.  I believe one of those Greek 

philosophers called it following “your

daemon.” That which joins the human

and divine and guides your life.

Not a popular idea today that there 

may be something in us that knows 

and cares more about us than we do --

the best thing to do to follow where

we’re lead.  You could say, “Just 

a crazy ass turkey hunter!”  But 

you can’t say you’re not hunting 

for something in this life; it’d be 

nice to have a “have to” leading 

you in your way.

-Byron Hoot 

Friday, June 10, 2022

In That Moment

In That Moment. . . 

. . . the two deer

were in the tall 

grass on the side

of the road.

I didn’t see them

until I was on them.

The beauty of the scene

and the fear slowed me.

I watched to see

which way they would go.

They took a step.

I drove on thinking 

of beauty, fear 

and the danger  

Thursday, May 26, 2022


My life is but a million miles
Of deserts etched with grief
Scarred by sighs
Illumined by the scorching sun
Distant and indifferent stars
Etching in the arid ground
Mendacity and lies
Scoured by times mocking gales
With no shelter, succour or relief
Desire's scorching sands
Blister and char the feet
Of this remorseful reprobate
A purblind foolish pilgrim
Staggering besotted, beset and bestial
Through existences's daily monotony
With endless inconsequential rituals
Struggling against hunger, sloth, insomnia,
A sour stomach or an achy tooth
Regret, ennui,and grief
Until I am rendered
To my essence
Stinking offal, carrion meat
Marching to lust's monotonous
Discordant threnody and beat
A lonely ghost I utter and wail
Tattered truths no one will hear
Screeds only I will see
On paper scraps on which I scribble
For no purpose to no avail
Wrestling with futility
Trying to encapsulate and capture
All my struggles, sorrow, and travail
Until I am erased, effaced and lost
Neither remembered nor forgotten
In the oblivion of eternity

Prove Me Right

You'd prove me right
Every time I was wrong
I'd be loosing sight
And the fight just went on
You lit my light
Then continue to move on
The pain it bites
But life it goes on
Lonley nights
But it's long gone
Being so right
But feeling so wrong
Right all along
But man ...I wished you proved me wrong
Before I left she was already gone
it might be wrong
That I feel her in every song
It was her all along
Now I'm lost in the wrong
But I guess I have been all along


I think of what Jesus has taught,
and stand awestruck before this man.
I find Him that He is the best
of all who've walked under the sun.
I put aside that He is God
and write about His life on earth.
He's taught man love and to support
the little ones, not those of wealth.
He had great ruth on that female
whom none dared her soul to elate.
He sympathized despite the risk
and saved her from her horrid fate.
Who can endure the insults that
He suffered but He could forgive.
We can't withstand a little grudge
till we retort what we receive.

And I’m Alright with That

I am seeing a lifetime in the time   ahead of me. Which hones my sword of Solomon to what others may consider a murderous edge.  I have made...