Thursday, June 13, 2024

Freud on Freud

“Sigmund, when did you first know

you wanted to kill your father 

and take your mother as your lover?

Try hard to remember.”

I never did.  That story is based upon

a case of mistaken identity.

Oedipus never knew his father.

A prophet told a lie that became

true.  Laius and Jocasta believed

the prophecy and committed the most

hideous act of all knowingly.

“I see you don’t believe.”

That I want to kill my father?  Sleep

with my mother?  No, indeed.

“We don’t know what we want,

do we?”  

I’ve never heard you say you wanted

to kill father, sleep with mother.

It’s always someone else’s truth

you know better than they do.

“Excuse me,” he says, bends over 

the table, sits up, squeezes his nose,

runs a finger over his teeth.

“You need to understand the power

of the unconscious.”

Mine or yours?  Or don’t you have one?

“I’ve had enough.  I’m going to leave.”

Don’t say another word, you’ve said enough.

-Byron Hoot


Wednesday, June 12, 2024


Of eloquence and radiance
(subsequent tomorrow)
The rains will run like
With lily-whitened sorrow.
Through neighborhood and
In guilded light and
Wrecked revenge,
The rains
(will run like
The milky-white
Of Never-End.

Thursday, January 18, 2024

When the Cosmic Gets Dirt Under Its Fingernails

Being is confirmed by nothing.

That is the eternal equation,

proof everywhere in the words,

“I didn’t mean that” spoken softly.

Silently said.

Where we begin and end

is the same place,  “I will be

as I will be” the comprehensive 

answer to the question, “Just who

do you think you are?”

The answer spoken so soft and strong 

that mountains tremble, rivers 

pause, the sun and the moon exchange

places.  The blues called, I-Am-You-You-Are-Me

begins and the world starts to dance—

that dervish shuffle, that reggae dance of yes.

-Byron Hoot

Saturday, January 6, 2024

Let's talk about it.

Let's talk about it.
Ever wondered why there's never enough to go round?
Ever wondered why wars are budgeted?
Ever wondered why no one put a control over fashion
Ever wondered why there's good enough answers on paper and not in reality?
There's too much in store than in circulation in hopes for rainy days and when it rains there's still not enough in circulation because we again store for rainy days.
Man has moved past ways of preserving food, early humans did because it was a problem, now it isn't anymore, besides we have more expired foods than consumables with people sleeping hungry.
Men see many homeless people without food and yet we have expired food and abandoned houses, but No; no food for a lazy man, now includes women and children.
Men fight start wars they can't end because there's a budget in store for it than there should be for peace so why wouldn't they value wars more than priceless peace.
I like how climate change is still at the front burner but no one talks about how fashion has fast tracked climate change just as deforestation, technology, survival of the fittest and hate.
It takes hate to destroy nature but hate for what? Perhaps what isn't good for business and what hinders overambitiousness and what eliminates physical touch.
I doubt this is barely good for paper but let's talk about it, even if it were, it would barely make it to the papers and if it did, who would care to stop and think to say; Lets talk about it.
Let's talk about the dwindling away of Humanity
Let's talk about world peace
Let's talk about love
Let's talk about nature.
There's a whole lot to talk about for our common good but its not good for business perhaps it's good for paper politicking but definitely not good for survival because its survival of the fittest.

-Michael Odiah

In a lazy wind

In a lazy wind
with salted breath
I'll find
the softest ever
shade of green
sold to me in a
dream of mine.

Sunday Vibes

I’m Just cooling, taking it easy, on a Sunday afternoon,
Rejuvenating my spirit, preparing for the next monsoon.
Contemplating my moves, aligning chakras in the flow,
Activating my third eye, my focus on this natural glow.
Ahead of schedule, dropping lines for Divine Mercy,
This one's for P.O.E.M.S, Book Of Rhymes, it's controversy.
Grateful for the love, support on my literary feats,
Cible Cue Intuition, and P.O.E.M.S, the soul it meets.
In book mode, gotta fulfill my destined legacy,
Transcendence on my mind, leaving a poetic elegy.
When I'm gone, at my wake, read my words with care,
Taking it easy, like a Sunday morning, in the Sunday air.
High on positive Sunday vibes, feeling so alive,
Recharging for the week ahead, gotta thrive and strive.
A natural high, as I pen these lines, feeling so divine,
In tune with the universe, my spirit begins to shine.
Focused on growth, on wisdom, and on peace,
Sunday vibes elevate, negativity they release.
Aligning my energy, manifesting dreams so clear,
I'm on a mission, leaving a legacy that will always adhere.
Cible Divine Mercy, P.O.E.M.S, it's my story to tell,
In the calm of Sunday, I rise, I excel.
Rejuvenating my soul, in the Sunday vibes so strong,
Prepared for what's to come, as I sing my Sunday song.
High positive Sunday vibes, setting the tone for the week,
Ready to conquer, ready to seek, with my spirit at its peak.

"I Feel Like Al Khidr to a Bunch of Moses"

I feel like Al Khidr to a bunch of Moses,
Glimpsing ahead, while the present proposes.
My actions may not align with your current view,
But in time, understanding will shine through.
Some things transcend the grasp of our minds,
Mysteries unfold, leaving reason behind.
Don't talk down, don't hate, seek to comprehend,
For ignorance breeds haste, and misunderstanding won't amend.
Stupidity lingers in the rush to judge and decry,
Lacking understanding, the foolishness lies.
Reasons hidden, veiled from plain sight,
Require patience and wisdom to bring to light.
For every action, a reason does exist,
A chain of events, a twist and a twist.
Equal and opposite, reactions unfold,
In the tapestry of life, intricate stories untold.
Seek knowledge, delve deeper than what's presented,
Not all truths lie in the obvious, the contented.
For wisdom awaits those who yearn to learn,
In the realm beyond, where understandings burn.
So let's tread with humility, and seek to uncover,
The layers beneath, where mysteries hover.
I feel like Al Khidr, with knowledge to share,
In the dance of existence, where truths lay bare.

Freud on Freud

“Sigmund, when did you first know you wanted to kill your father  and take your mother as your lover? Try hard to remember.” I never did.  T...