Friday, April 16, 2021

The Mark

The mark of Cain sears the heart;

murder that was no sacrifice satisfies

no god or mother or father,

the exile self-imposed, the curse

shared by every gift created 

by Cain’s offspring – the inheritance

of making based upon the act 

of turning one thing into another,

a death and resurrection, the essence

of creation.  And the scorn of those

who refuse to make something,

deny the gift of curse, the beauty

of what is given to be made,

how things fit beyond the realm

of vision until seen and then 

the “Aha” that changes everything,

the burning in the heart. 

-Byron Hoot

Friday, March 26, 2021


From the trouble of the world I turn to Bards,
Away from broken dreams of shattered shards,
Those scribes whom cosset my weary old soul,
It´s to them I go, to make me once again whole.
I seek rhymed succour, in their soft imbibed words,
I sip from their chalices & fly high with their birds,
I lay prone sweating, on their beds of vowed love,
When I am broken, with verse, they lift me above.
When battered & tattered, by broken promise & rain,
When stamped on & slapped, with words of cruel pain,
And when my life is unbearable & so intolerably hard,
I turn in my yearning, to my only friend, true & loyal Bard.


I saw him one Spring, sitting alone on the street,
A lonesome stranger, I was never destined to meet,
I saw him again in Summer, at the very same place,
With history in his eyes, & the past upon his old face,
I saw him in Autumn, in same place, & also same time,
Huddled against winds, etched in street’s greying grime,
I saw him the last time in Winter, lost in a flurry of snow,
Merely mirage of a man I saw, yet never destined to know.

Friday, March 19, 2021


Was it some hidden desire, disease or sin? The Bible does not 
But there was a "thorn in his flesh" that bothered Paul, so he’d 
God would not remove this, despite being all powerful and 
And, knowing a servant's weakness, said only, His grace was 
No one knows of the thorn in Paul's flesh, only why it was left 
It was to show God's strength, which through a weakness was 
Now, Paul had prayed three times about this thorn, he had dealt 
with it that long,
Though it was a weakness, he wasn't condemned for it, God’s 
grace being strong,
Knowing God would not let this weakness separate them 
must've been a relief.
That God doesn't condemn a believer's weaknesses, if in such a 
grace is belief.
Maybe, just maybe, Christians should think twice before holding 
others with scorn.
God's grace might be sufficient for them too, if a weakness to 
their flesh be a thorn.
So, before frightening another believer with any notions of 
hell's fires to burn,
Maybe we should remember that the merciful are blessed 
with mercy in return!

-Philip Kent Church

The Show

Alexander. "Life is the farce carried out by everyone." .....Arthur Rimbaud. (3/8/21)

Heyya! Heyya! Heyya!
Come one, come all!
You're all cordially invited to join the show!
We have something for everyone!
(The few get the most, less to the rest).
See the exibits, ride the rides!
Watch the performances and dramas,
All played out on a global stage.
A continuous world wide performance,
With politics, pandemics, commerce over conscience.
Audience participation a must!
We offer a diverse venue of traumas, dramas and plot twists!
Conspiracy theories are always welcome!
(That's entertainment!)
Watch the military industrial complex dance!
Their amazing undulations, while spinning rationalization!
See it all and bring the kids!
We have features for them as well!
Everything from human trafficking,
Genocide by gender, faith, or ethnicity,
And (of course) child labor horrors!
A never ending drama within the backdrop
Of a failing environment!
And as I stated before,
Audience participation a must!
So, come one and come all!
See profits rise above people,
Something for everyone!
(The few get the most, less to the rest)
Heyya! Heyya! Heyya!
Everyone has a part!
A continuous world wide performance!
(That's entertainment!)
Enjoy the show.
-Stanley Phillips

The Never Ending

Life was a test,
I took it
Failure or success.
So it became a lesson,
I learnt from it.
Why quit now?
So it became an experience,
I made use of it.
Things were about to change.
So it became a task,
I had to finish,
From old scars to new stars.
So it became time,
I must be patient with it
Think it through and start small.
And patience becomes task.
I have to take... again
For life is a never ending cycle.
©Kiyomi 2021


So great is life when it is seen
in what is felt from past to now.
Where is your placement in this crowd
from distant past to our world?
There were some people who saw Christ.
They believed in Him but kept quiet.
Some followed, some called for the cross.
Where could you have been in this course?
Some saw the marvels which He did
but were afraid to be beside.
Could you have said that He was God
as who said it then he was killed?
The crippled walked, the blind could see,
the dead came back to be alive.
You saw all that, could you defend,
or you believed but in your heart?

The Mark

The mark of Cain sears the heart; murder that was no sacrifice satisfies no god or mother or father, the exile self-imposed, the curse share...